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Here at St. Petersburg Health & Wellness, our practice is patient centered. You are our greatest concern and consideration. Your Health, Wellness & Wellbeing is our focus. We provide a variety of medical services to understand your individual path to your current health status and life circumstances. We begin with a detailed history, which we like to collect in our New Patient Package so Dr. Cole can begin to know you before your appointment. This allows you and Dr Cole the opportunity to spend more time together getting at the underlying causes of your current state of health. In addition to the types of medicine listed below, which you can click on for a more detailed explanation, we practice Lifestyle, Integrative & Preventive Medicine here at St. Petersburg Health & Wellness. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

“The video below is produced by A4M and describes what I believe to be the future of Medicine,” Les Cole, MD

A4M and the Anti-Aging Revolution is a “must see” for anyone interested in living a longer, healthier, more vital lifespan. This feature-length film explains how medicine is shifting away from a disease-based pharmaceutical model, toward a wellness and prevention model.