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Understanding Health and Disease – click this link to be taken to the article for more in-depth information

In some situations, a disease may have progressed to a state that requires pharmaceutical or surgical intervention. If you are currently on a medication, I recommend that you remain on it and come in to be evaluated for genetic and environmental causes for your condition. We will evaluate you for hormonal, metabolic, functional, and emotional-mental-spiritual (EMS) imbalances. We will then provide therapy to get at these underlying causes. Certain conditions can be reversed, many can be stabilized and yet others slowed. You may still need your medication, but in most cases, your overall health will be improved and if your cells are healthier they will be better able to operate successfully.

Some of the conditions for which hormonal, metabolic, functional, and EMS balance and improved health can benefit are listed below. If you have one of these or other conditions give Dr. Cole a call to see how we may be of benefit to you.