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Important Information Regarding Practice Closure


Dr. Cole, Kathie Gonzales, and the staff of St. Petersburg Health & Wellness (SPHW) and Vital Solutions IV Nutrition (VSIVN) have been honored to help care for your health and wellness and provide you a roadmap for your optimal outcomes.

For health reasons, I (Dr. Cole), must follow my own advice and make changes in my lifestyle that support my own wellness. I will be moving into semi-retirement with my focus on authoring educational materials about functional approaches to wellness.  Kathie Gonzales, ARNP, has come to a point in her career where returning to a hospital setting is what calls to her, and is her own best next step professionally.  The result of these changes means that The St Petersburg Health and Wellness office will be closing its doors on 5/28/2022.  As of that date, Dr. Cole and Kathie Gonzales, ARNP will no longer be available as your personal medical provider. In practical terms, this means they will not be available for appointments, phone calls, or be able to authorize refills for prescriptions. We will make every effort up until that time to provide you with refills for 30-60 days, to give you ample opportunity to obtain a new provider.

If we have been your only medical provider

If we have been your only medical provider, you will need to arrange to have another health care provider take care of your medical needs.  Because our approach is specifically Functional Medicine, you can find additional Functional Medical Practitioners in the area by contacting the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) at or the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) at . Your insurance provider’s directory or local hospital’s physician referral service is another place to check.

Medical Records

Since the virtual business entity of St. Petersburg Health and Wellness itself will continue on, we will be maintaining ownership of all medical records. Legally, all requests for copies of medical records must have a signed authorization to be released. If your doctor needs your medical records, you can sign your doctor’s records request form and they will request them for you. For all other records requests, email your request to and we will send you the proper medical records release form and any other information to expedite the process.
Please understand that the medical record’s email is ONLY for submitting a request for medical records and does not have the ability to answer questions unrelated to the transfer of said records.

For all patients during this transition and beyond:

Continue current protocols

Continue on your diets and pharmaceutical-grade supplement brands and dosing we have recommended to you. You will still be able to get them through the same portals – Wellevate and WholeScripts – through which you have previously obtained them. Do this in order to continue your “Live Well” lifestyle. This will ultimately keep you healthy and in less need of “sick” (medical) care in the future.

Read: “Supplements Everyone Should Take and Why”(⇐ Click Here)

  • Order: Specific products for your optimum health

  • Order: Specific products for gut health

  • Order: Specific dispensary products 

Gastrointestinal Protocols

If you have been on GI supplements to heal your Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut), GI tract, and/or Imbalanced Microbiome, continue your specified diet and all of your GI supplements for 3-6 months from the date you started. Again, you can use the same portals to reorder supplements. My rule of thumb for deciding 3 months versus 6 months is this:

  • If your symptoms clear in the 1st month of starting your GI supplements it is generally safe to stop them after 3 months of taking them.
  • If your symptoms don’t clear in the 1st month, then you generally want to stay on them for 6 months.

This guideline generally prevents the symptoms and the underlying condition from recurring.

For more information on how to maintain your health as it pertains to your underlying GI health issues, visit articles related to GI Health.

Hormonal Health

For your hormones or other medications, you will need to find another practitioner to prescribe them for you. In determining which practitioner to choose for this, remember your hormones should be optimized for you because all your hormones are intended to work together as a symphony.

Read the information concerning your hormone condition, and “Hormone health – the way to ensure you are being dosed properly”. (⇐ Click Here)

Our Continued Mission for your Health & Wellness

Your health and wellness are still my mission from a broader perspective. I will continue as a source of information to guide your healthy lifestyle and health decisions to maximize your “Live Well” Lifestyle. And so, through our website portal – – I will provide important, up-to-date health education in an understandable format, as well, as access to effective, Functional Medical treatment protocols for general health and a multitude of health conditions. You will continue to have access to the same quality Pharmaceutical grade (tested for purity, quality, absorption, and effectiveness) therapeutic products. Please review our website if you haven’t done so before, be curious, and look around.

Subscribe so that you get notifications of changes as they happen, as it too will be undergoing significant growth while I transition to a virtual education and information model. You and your health are important to me. If you know me, you know that wellness is a topic I love to research, teach others, and share.

Both Kathie and I wish to thank you for trusting us with your healthcare. We are grateful that you chose us. We appreciate your loyalty and support over the years. We will miss you and wish each of you a love-filled, happy and healthy life.

Live Well,
Les Cole, MD and Kathie Gonzales, ARNP

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We are committed to improving and preserving the Health & Wellness of each and every client who walks through our door. Utilizing the latest research and testing methods; we practice Functional, Anti-Aging, Preventive & Integrative Medicine. We are committed to community education on Healthy Lifestyles.


Read our Testimonials

The Missing Links in my Overall Health Dilemma

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“What a wonderful doctor, staff, and experience! The St. Pete Health and Wellness team is professional and always so friendly. Dr. Cole is brilliant and takes the time to listen to you and understand your unique situation. My health had been challenging me for many years and I am still a young adult. Fatigue and pain were my daily companions. When the conventional medical industry could not offer me any answers or solutions, I turned to integrated medicine and Dr. Les Cole. He literally turned my daily life around! His solutions and treatments were the missing links in my overall health dilemma that no one else has been able to solve. Now I follow his recommendations every day and reap the benefits. Renewed energy, strength, and stamina. Greater concentration and focus. I’m playing tennis again! I cannot encourage you enough to work with Dr. Cole and see the benefits manifested in your life. Thank you Dr. Cole!!”


Emotional Relief that I Would Finally Get Results

“5 stars is a very strong rating and I don’t give them out often. My first appointment with Dr. Cole was 5 months ago and I have never felt better! For many months, my medical practitioner prescribed medications with side effects and no results. I was even scheduled for surgery consultation to “fix” a problem I was dealing with. On my first visit with Dr. Cole, I felt so much emotional relief that I would finally get results. It is true the tests and supplements can be costly. I will say they are necessary for results. I appreciate that he never suggested supplements to try to see if they work. He knew exactly what was needed. The extensive test results showed what was needed and revealed issues no other doctor; primary, gynecologist, or rheumatologist considered. I’ve been consistent with his recommendations and they work. Any questions are promptly responded to and I feel my time is respected during my appointment. His staff, Jessica and Jeremy are just as attentive and knowledgeable. The office is clean and welcoming. Everyone goes above and beyond. I feel 100% confident to recommend to anyone”


Dr. Cole is an Expert in his Field

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“We have been going to Vital Solutions for approximately 5 years. Dr. Cole is an expert in his field and the services provided. Jessica is very thorough, professional and knowledgeable! Jeremy and Wendy are always consistent in their help and caring. We are thankful for them and their innovative strategies.”

E. Martin

Crossfit Competition Recovery

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“This place is amazing! We have gone here before Crossfit competitions several times. The IV helps big time. Today I am here as I just arrived from a 30 hour travel time from Italy. I was feeling very run down. So I am getting an IV and already feel much improved. The staff is very helpful and always a pleasure.”

J. Shapiro

Kind, Conscientious, and Above All Very Skilled

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“If you are afraid of needles, or not, and need a blood draw or health-inducing IV, fear no more. Jeremy and Jessica, at IV Solutions, are kind, conscientious, and above all very skilled. There are all sorts of wonderful IVs for everything including a hangover, nausea, immune system support, and more. Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement but I really believe in Jeremy and Jessica and the IVs they provide and have had many to improve my multiple health issues.”

E. Briggs

Keenly Focused on Increasing Vitality and Anti-Aging

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“After struggling to find answers on my decreasing energy with my primary care, even after cleaning up my diet and exercise routine, I followed advice to see Kathie Gonzales and wish I had done it two years ago. Kathie and the team drew my blood and tested areas my primary doctor never did. She is an expert on the thyroid and has an amazing consultative approach on the whole body. They are keenly focused on increasing vitality and anti-aging. My primary doctor waited two years while I suffered through premenopausal symptoms and never diagnosed my hypothyroid issue. Net, I am so very happy I made the switch, the entire team there is so responsive and helpful, I recommend them highly.”

C. Edinger

I Feel I Received a 5-star Treatment

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“First, I would like to say I am not a fan of needles. More so my veins do not cooperate. I first went to Vital Solutions for Vitamin IV as a recommendation of a friend. I was feeling run down after traveling and thought this would be a good pick me up. It was more than that! I felt 100% better the following day. The vitamin boost and hydration made me feel great. I later needed supplementation for another issue and Jessica and Jeremy were caring and attentive. I was nervous but they made me feel better about the process. The hours are convenient and the response for an appointment is quick. I feel I received 5-star treatment.”

Leah O.

I love my new doctor and his staff.

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I love my new doctor and his staff. They are very supportive and kind. They make me feel like a VIP patient every time I call or go in for an appointment.