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Is Your Heart Sending You Signals?
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We have all heard that Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in our country, but did you know there are many things that you can do to prevent and even decrease your risk for heart disease? Even more amazing, you can actually improve your heart health using natural therapies. If you have High Blood Pressure, Coronary Artery Disease, or Heart Failure, your condition can be improved with diet, exercise, the right supplements, hormone balance, detoxification and chelation, and more. Not all interventions are necessary and every individual is different. Even if you have a family history of heart disease, you can improve your heart health.

Do you have High Blood Pressure (BP)?

Did you know you have a 62% chance of maintaining a normal BP without medication? Yes, that’s right. A study recently showed that 62% of patients with High BP were able to lower their BP to normal and get off all BP medication using the correct above mentioned natural therapies. This is profound because BP medications have significant side effects. In fact, the most commonly used BP medication, which is considered “First Line” by the American Heart Association, increases the risk of long term mortality even while lowering your blood pressure. That is not to say all BP medications are bad, but why be on one if you don’t need to be?

Do you have Coronary Heart Disease (CAD)?

Many doctors would have you believe that cholesterol is the main cause of CAD, but did you know that the majority of people who die of Heart Attack (MI) have normal cholesterol levels? So cholesterol is not the risk factor they would have you believe it is. Statins do decrease the risk of CAD & MI, but it is more a result of decreasing inflammation than cholesterol. And there are much healthier ways of decreasing inflammation without the side effects of Statins. Calcium in your coronary arteries is a much greater risk factor for MI than cholesterol and this can be measured by a simple test called a Coronary Calcium Score. Coronary calcium can be reduced and the risk for CAD can be reversed with the appropriate natural therapies as mentioned above.

Have you been told you have Heart Failure?

First, let’s mention the “epic FAIL” at naming this condition. While your heart may not be beating as strongly as it should, “Failure” sounds so final. It is really Contractile Dysfunction and this too can be improved by many natural therapies, in many cases improving the strength of your heart’s ability to contract and in some cases eliminating the need for medications and their side effects.

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