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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – The Benefits of Estrogen
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Multiple recent studies have shown the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy. In 2013 the Yale School of Medicine estimated between 18,000 and 91,000 unnecessary and premature deaths occurred among women with previous hysterectomy between ages 50 – 59 as a result of not having Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Estrogen is not only a sex hormone but has approximately 400 functions in the body. Some of these include:

^ = Increased / v = Decreased

  • These are primarily the function of estradiol (E2)
    • ^ telomerase, which ^ telomere length & slows aging
    • Stimulates production of choline acetyltransferase
      • An enzyme that prevents Alzheimer’s
    • ^ metabolic rate
    • Improves insulin sensitivity
    • Regulates body temperature
    • Helps prevent muscle damage
    • Helps maintain muscle
    • Improves sleep
    • v risk of cataracts
    • v risk of macular degeneration
    • Helps maintain elasticity of arteries
    • Dilates small arteries
    • ^ blood flow
    • Inhibits platelet stickiness
    • v accumulation of plaque on arteries
    • Enhances magnesium uptake & utilization
    • Maintains the amount of collagen in the skin
    • v BP
    • v LDL & TC & prevents its oxidation
    • v Triglycerides
    • Helps maintain memory
    • ^ reasoning & new ideas
    • Helps w/ fine motor skills
    • ^ water content of skin & is responsible for its thickness & softness
    • Enhances production of nerve-growth factor
    • ^ HDL 10-15%
    • v risk heart disease 40-50%
      • The later you start the estrogen after menopause the less the benefit
    • v lipoprotein (a) [Lp(a)]
      • Lp(a) ^ risk of MI & stroke
      • Lp(a) is an Inflammatory marker
      • Lp(a) is ^ due to hereditary factors
      • Lp(a) is ^ due to statin drugs
    • Is a natural Ca++ channel blocker & vasodilates
    • ^ energy
    • v fatigue
    • Improves mood
    • ^ concentration
    • Maintains bone mineral density (BMD)
    • Is an antioxidant
    • ^ sexual interest (libido)
    • v homocysteine
    • v wrinkles
    • v risk of colon cancer
    • Helps prevent tooth loss
    • Aids in the formation of neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin which v depression, irritability, anxiety & pain sensitivity
    • Aids absorption of Ca++, Mg++, Zn++

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