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HealthBrief – Health Benefits of Curcumin
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Turmeric, as the picture shows, has a multitude of health benefits. The active component producing these benefits is curcumin and the supplemental form achieves significantly greater levels in your blood and tissues than can be achieved by eating tumeric alone. Curcumin is also a powerful antioxidant! And in studies on 3 different animal species, it significantly prolongs lifespan! When you take curcumin, it turns on many of your genes in your cells that promote health, wellness and longevity.

To learn more about how curcumin turns on these powerful genes and which other foods do the same, read my article: Eating Your Way To Optimal Wellness: Super Foods On “Steroids”

It is important to be sure when picking a supplement that you check to make sure it has been tested by an outside independent testing agency. Many products are imported from other countries and without this independent testing may not contain the ingredients listed, and worse, may contain toxic substances. Consumer Labs – – is one such independent testing agency and this month they have just completed a review of 21 different companies in which 33% of those reviewed failed their testing.

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